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Solutions for Any Industry

We tailor our leasing solutions to meet the needs of our clients, rather than taking a one-size-fits-all approach. We will partner with you to provide financing you can afford — and we’ll do it quickly, with minimal paperwork. Whatever your industry, whatever your equipment requirements, you can count on LeaseTech.

ICT Equipment

As business ICT evolves at a rapid pace, it often doesn’t make sense to lock yourself into tech that will become quickly outdated within a few years.

LeaseTech enables you to conserve capital, and lease desktops, laptops and servers for an easy monthly (and fully tax deductible) expense. Even have the freedom to upgrade to the latest technology when you think the time is right.

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Automotive Equipment

When buying outright, mechanics and panelbeaters typically have two options: they can either borrow a sizeable loan to purchase new equipment or scrape funds together to buy used tools.

LeaseTech provides a better solution: being able to acquire brand new equipment at an affordable monthly cost that won’t deplete savings or disrupt cash flow. If you’re seeking a cost-effective way to ensure your automotive business stays at the forefront of technology without breaking the bank, exploring equipment leasing options is your best bet.

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Healthcare Equipment

Staying up to date with advancements in healthcare equipment can be an expensive task. That’s why many healthcare professionals turn to equipment leasing to obtain the tools they need.

Healthcare equipment leasing allows your practice to get the equipment needed to create steady cash flow and maintain reserves of working capital which are essential to your success.

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Hospitality Equipment

Many ingredients go into making restaurants a success. In order to provide the best food, service and pricing, you need to have the equipment to bring it all together. LeaseTech helps you get the right tools to provide your patrons with the best dining experience.

We know that restaurant equipment doesn’t come cheap, but you can get all the tools and equipment you need, quickly and easily, while reserving your working capital and protecting your cash flow.

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Simple, Flexible Equipment Leasing Solutions